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We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality And Service

aCompatible.com is your source for compatible parts of great value. Our company(Rightway Technology co., Limited)has been in compatible part field over 3 years. In 2018, we established our second warehouse in California, USA and moved to Pico Rivera, CA as well. Now our warehouse has thousands of compatible parts in stock and provides the best service to our customers. We aim to develop a large client base and that is why we sell them at a much lower price. In order to provide more confidence to our clients, our products are tested with international test standard such as impact test which is critical to protect our eyes while wearing. Our products are also registered under Federal Registration of the United States. 

Our Company

Our commitment is to offer superior quality optics material for manufacturing our products and develop newest technology to develop our lenses products. We care our customers as safety is our first priority.Our lenses undergo impact resistance test and also test for luminous intensity test which have fulfilled the international test standard. Apart from that, we offer professional service to our client, our staff member keep on monitoring the products after it have been shipped from our warehouse unless it have been delivered to our clients. If the order products have not arrived to our clients, our staff would contact the courier directly about the delivery status. We don’t want to have our client worried about their order products, but instead we need to take care about it. We don’t want to wait until the client informs us that they have not received the order products after the agreed delivery period. We act our business actively rather than passively. This is our philosophy. 

In order to enhance of your confidence, our produces are undergoing the below testing procedures before shipment:
(1) We have made a deep attention on the spot which may occur and exist during preforming coating on the lenses surface. Each product would be placed under strong light source for detecting if there is any spot on the lenses surface. If found, our quality assurance would remove the fault products from the stock inventory. If our client receive the fault product, we will unconditionally exchange the fault product or issue a refund. 

(2) All our products are undergoing international Impact resistance test of test code. U.S. CFR Title 21 (FDA) Part 801.410 and pass the test requirement.

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