Product Warranty

We care our clients and knowing what they want. Our products are undergo a one year warranty.  We listen to our client about our product review and feedback and hoping to improve our product quality. We make a commitment that “We may not be the best, we are pushing our way to be the best” .

What is covered by our One year Warranty:

  • Lens / ClipOn not fit the frame. (We may need the client to take photo of why not fitting). The client also needs to bear the responsibility to check the identity number / SKU before purchasing.
  • Peeling off of surface Coating (We may need the client to take photo as a proof).

What is NOT covered by our One Year Warranty:

  • Scratch or Abrasion marks found on the lenses by mishandling, misuse, improper usage of the product
  • Removal of Coating or wash off on Lens Coating. (Chemicals, Detergent or salt water may cause the trouble if the client use the lens at seaside). It can be solved by rinse it under normal tap water and wipe it dry with a clean cloth. Prolonged expose on sea water or brine solution may damage the surface coating.
  • Distortion of Lenses / ClipOn. caused by mishandling. Misuse, Improper use.
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