Custom Polarized Clip-On Replacement Sunglasses For Oakley Marshall OX8034 (51mm) 51-17-143 (Silver Mirror)

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Oakley Marshall Silver Clip-On Replacement Sunglasses

Product Features:

  • Oakley Marshall OX8034 (51mm) 51-17-143 Handcrafted workmanship on clip on lenses, virtually unbreakable Plastic Clip mechanism.
  • 100%UV and full polarized protection from harmful sunlight.
  • Convenient one hand application to Prescription frames with positive indexing lens position.
  • New leg profile to fit frames of different materials.
  • Ultralight weight, avoid extra pressure on your nose. Lenses made from optical polycarbonate.
  • Scratch and Impact Resistance.
  • Size Dimensions (mm): Lens Length:51, Bridge Length:17, Clip On Width:143
  • The product item does not include the frame.
  • Lens Color: Silver Mirror

Product Description:

Brand New, vogue Oakley Marshall Silver clip-on Marshall (51) OX8034 51-17-143 sunglasses lenses fulfill what you need. You can match your prescription glasses with the product and no need to spend extra money to buy extra pcs of sunglasses and carry with you.The reason is you may still keep your prescription glasses by adding a clip on lenses. It closely fits your frames by reducing any space between the lenses layers. It works in the same manner with a polarized it also gives you 100% UV and 100% polarized full protection from harmful light source.Again , we care of customers that the clip on lenses have been undergo scratch and impact resistance tests. Our clip mechanism ,is securely clipped on the frame, avoids the lenses from sliding down. We have now offered 4 types of lenses

(1) Bronze Brown (2) Black (3) Silver (4) Adapt Grey

Please be sure to select the one most suit you.

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