Polarized Replacement Sunglasses Lenses for Spy Optics Cooper (Ice Blue Mirror)

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Key Features:

(1) Only fit for Cooper frames,NOT for Cooper XL frames (Check the frame where it marks with the model of Cooper).

(2) Spy Optics Cooper Polarized 100% fully covered mirror coating which provides 100% UV protection.

(3) Permanent hydrophobic coating which repels water, dirt and dust.

(4) Impact Resistance-Passed Drop Ball Test (U.S. CFR Title 21 (FDA) Part 801.410.

(5) 17% VLT (Visible Light Transmission), Fast Shipping.

(6) 100% polarized lenses carved with the word ‘POLARIZED’.

Fitness: These customized polarized lenses are precision cut to fit your SPY OPTICS Cooper frames compactly. Package: 1 x Pair of Lenses,1 x Lens case for storage. All the items are packed in a hard box which can protect your lenses perfectly. Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with SPY OPTICS in any aspects. Our products are not SPY OPTICS products.

Please watch below video for showing you how to replace Cooper lenses

Warranty Period:

(A) 60 Days refunding in original packaging with any reasons.

(B) 90 Days exchanging in original packaging with any reasons.

(C) 1 year product defect returning policy.

(D) Only Fit for Spy Optics Cooper.

Legal Disclaimer:

We are not associated with Spy Optics, and Spy Optics does not sponsor,support,endorse or associated with our products. Any usage of Spy Optics trademarks is only to describe the listing products herewith. The selling product does not include the frame.


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