Polarized Sunglasses Replacement Lens For Ray-Ban RB3154 (62mm) (Dark Green)

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Ray-Ban RB3154 Green lenses Polarized Sunglasses Replacement Lens Product Features:

  • Ray-Ban RB3154 (62mm) Handcrafted workmanship polarized lenses.
  • 100%UV and full polarized protection from harmful sunlight and seamless fitting for Ray-Ban RB3154 frame.
  • Ultralight weight. Oil, Dust, Water Repellence.
  • Scratch and Impact Resistance. High Precision cutting.
  • Size Dimensions (mm): Lens Length:62. Please make sure you have ordered the lenses with correct size.
  • Easy Installation. The product item does not include the frame.
  • Lens Color: Dark Green.

Ray-Ban RB3154 Green lenses Polarized Sunglasses Replacement Lens Features :

  1. Made of premium quality polaris material which offers 100% UV Protection & 100% Polarized
  2. Precision Cut and Guaranteed to fit with the original Ray-Ban RB3154 frame extremely seamless
  3. Optional Mirror Coatings optimize usable light for specific environment and activities
  4. Water,sweat,oil and dust resistant
  5. Easy to install
  6. Reduces glare and enhances contrast perfectly
  7. Ray-Ban RB3154 lens comes with fibre cleaning cloth and compatible size of hard protection case
  8. The selling products do not include the frame
  9. Please kindly double check if your pre-order lenses is Ray-Ban RB3154. Wishing you a pleasant purchasing. Thank you

Disclaimer: Our lenses are specifically for Ray-Ban model replacement lenses. In other words, we have nothing cope with or affiliated with Ray-Ban

Note: Make sure the model and lenses RB3154 with lenses size 62mm is the right one you need. If you are not sure, please check the model number RB3154 which is marked on your frame.

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