Replacement Polarized Vented Lenses for Oakley Jawbone (Fire Red Mirror)

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Key Features:

  • 100% Polarized Replacement Vented Lenses for Jawbone frame
  • 100% UV Protection With High Precision Cutting And Coating
  • Impact Resistance
  • Oil, Water, Dust Repellence
  • Extremely Easy Installation

Please watch below video for showing you how to replace Vented Jawbone lenses

Features :

  1. Made of premium quality polaris material which offers 100% UV Protection, 100% Polarized
  2. Precision Cut and Guaranteed to fit with the original Vented Oakley Jawbone frame extremely seamless
  3. Optional Mirror Coatings optimize usable light for specific environment and activities
  4. Water,sweat,oil and dust resistant
  5. Easy to install
  6. Reduces glare and enhances contrast perfectly
  7. Jawbone vented Lenses comes with fibre cleaning cloth and compatible size of hard protection case
  8. The selling products do not include the frame
  9. Please be assured the lenses you order is for Oakley Jawbone vented (Read the below SKU number to fit your frame)

Disclaimer: Our lenses are not affiliated with Oakley in any aspects.

This Lenses Fit Oakley Model?

Jawbone Vented (Fit)

Note: Make sure the oakley model and lenses is the right one you need. If you are not sure, please search the SKU # which is marked on your frame.

04-203, 04-204, 04-205, 04-206, 04-207, 04-208, 04-209, 04-210, 04-211, 04-214, 04-215, 24-202, 24-218, 24-220, 24-223, 24-255, 24-262, 24-273, 24-274, 24-281, 24-294, 24-300, 26-210, 26-211, 26-223, 26-224, 42-489, 42-491, 42-526, 42-531


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